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Dr Christopher Huggins is a Research Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland and Teaching Fellow in European Politics at Keele University. He is currently working on Brexit's impact on UK fisheries policy, but is also interested in the interaction between local government and the EU.



Exploring EU regional investment in the UK since 1989

Christopher Huggins |

The EU’s cohesion policy is 30 years old and now accounts for around a third of the EU’s budget. To celebrate, the European Commission has published a new dataset. This details annual payments to the EU’s regions since 1989. The dataset covers most funds under the European Structural and Investment Funds umbrella. For the UK […]

The development and future of local government transnational networking

Christopher Huggins |

A couple of weeks ago my article ‘Subnational transnational networking and the continuing process of local-level Europeanization’ was formally published in the latest issue of European Urban and Regional Studies (an open access version can be found here). The article explores how local government transnational networking has developed since the 1990s. ‘Transnational networking’ essentially involves […]

Effective engagement with practitioners: using posters and infographics

Christopher Huggins |

Yesterday I attended an event at the House of Commons on Brexit research and how it could be used to inform policy. This was jointly organised by the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology and the Economic and Social Research Council, the latter of which is funding the UK in a Changing Europe programme, which in […]

UK awareness of EU regional policy over time

Christopher Huggins |

  A couple of months ago I wrote about the latest Flash Eurobarometer survey on perceptions of EU regional policy. One of the interesting results was the apparent increase in awareness of EU regional policy in the UK after the referendum.   Having now had a chance to access the raw data as part of […]

Communicating EU regional policy and the EU referendum

Christopher Huggins |

Last year I was fortunate enough to take part in a masterclass for early career researchers on EU regional policy organised by the Regional Studies Association, the EU Committee of the Regions and the European Commission. The masterclass was part of the annual European Week of Regions and Cities, which last year it took place […]

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